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I accept venmo or paypal at the moment. Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing one of these treasures.  I will be making an etsy site soon but the rings will be more expensive on there because of the extra fees and taxes.


Please enter the name of the ring you would like to purchase, enter the ring price and check out. I'm not able to link each ring individually :/


Black Buffalo Turquoise Ring - $89

Sterling silver handmade ring featuring a talon Black Buffalo turquoise stone. A split shank ring band and twist wire with a decorative edge allows the patina to highlight the extra details on this ring. Size 6.5

American Turquoise Double Twist Wire Ring - $69

This ring features American turquoise mined from Nevada with two layers of sterling silver twist wire. A split shank ring band completes the look. All handmade in sterling silver. Size 5.5

White Wild Horse Ring - $72

This beautiful Wild Horse Turquoise comes from Arizona and sits in a border of sterling silver twist wire. Simple and clean with a solid ring shank. Size 7.5

Campitos Turquoise & Amazonite Ring - $85

This statement ring features Campitos mined Turquoise with flecks of pyrite, paired with a teardrop Amazonite gemstone. Two little succulent flowers and twist wire complete this design, with a split shank ring. All handmade in sterling silver. Size 6

Modern Larimer Statement Ring - $89

This modern statement ring features a stunning facetted Larimer stone (found only in the Dominique Republic) set in a modern, asymmetrical design. A double round wire makes a comfy ring band. Handmade in sterling silver, size 7.5

Black Wild Horse Turquoise - $65

Clean and elegant Wild Horse turquoise ring with a thick ring shank for every day wear. Size 8. All handmade in sterling silver.

Hubei Turquoise & Rainbow Moonstone Ring - $79

Sterling silver handmade ring with Hubei Turquoise and a facetted Rainbow Moonstone. Twin copper moons add lovely contrast. A simple  sterling silver band completes the look. Size 7.5

Moonstone & Howlite Ring - $68

This ring features a double stone pairing of rose cut Rainbow Moonstone and blue dyed howlite. Two sterling silver two moons adorn either side and the ring is finished with a solid ring shank. Size 6 and all in 92.5 sterling silver (copper free)

Australian Variscite Statement Ring - $76

This ring features double Australian Variscite teardrop stones. Variscite is close to the turquoise family and has a lovely green color. Decorative beading and a solid ring shank finish the ring. Size 5.25

Dancing Hubei Turquoise Ring - $73

Sterling silver with Hubei turquoise, this ring is handmade with two layers of beaded wire and a split shank ring band. Size 5.75

Turquoise Shadow Box Ring - $98

Handmade shadow box ring with bead wire and an American Turquoise Nugget. Sterling silver with a solid ring shank, size 5.5

White Buffalo Turquoise & Quartz Ring - $48

Handmade White Buffalo Turquoise ring with a thick split shank ring. There is a small druzy pocket of quartz on the front face. All in sterling silver, size 6

Black Tourmaline Ring - $38

This east to west ring features a Black tourmaline stone in sterling silver. This ring has a split ring shank and 3 decorative elements. Size  6.5

White Lightning Turquoise Southwest Ring - $65

This southwest ring design features a rounded tear drop White Lightning, White Buffalo Turquoise stone. Hand stamps details emphasis the border, with a solid ring shank. Size 5.75

Hubei Shadow Box Ring - $91

A large statement piece, this shadow box ring features a delicate Hubei turquoise gemstone with a thin line of bead wire. A raised wire edge gives this ring a modern look. A three strand band finishes this ring. Sterling silver, size 6

Number 8 Turquoise Statement Ring - $125

This double stone ring features Number 8 Turquoise paired with a rainbow moonstone. Decorative balls and wire accentuate the design. Handmade in sterling silver, size 6

Kyanite Geometrical Pendant - $48

This pendant features a lovely blue kyanite gemstone with decorative beaded wire and an ethereal design ring. Does not include chain. Handmade in sterling silver.

Lapis Lazuli Ring of Protection - $78

This ring features a gorgeous lapis lazuli gemstone with flecks of pyrite. A shadow box design with two rings highlights the teardrop structure of this ring. All in sterling silver with a solid ring shank. Size 6

Spring Prehnite Teardrop Ring - $76

This teardrop design features a stunning green Prehnite stone with a decorative collar of beaded wire and minute shadow box detail. Sterling silver with a solid ring band. Size 5.25

3 Strand Hubei Turquoise Ring - $67

Handmade sterling silver ring with Hubei turquoise and an asymmetrical  design of beaded wire. Finished with a split ring shank. Size  4.5

Calypso Variscite Teardrop Ring - $68

A pretty teardrop Calypso Variscite ring, handmade from sterling silver with beaded wire and a split shank ring band. Size 4

Moonstone Pendant - $58

This lovely rainbow moonstone pendant features a teardrop center stone with decorative beading at the bottom. Made with 92.5 sterling silver (copper free), this is for the pendant only. Does not include chain.

Serpentine Heart Chakra Necklace - $38

Featuring a large piece of Serpentine, this pendant is handmade with sterling silver with decorative elements, including a hidden heart in the back. Does not include chain.

Baroque Pearl Ring - $68

This sterling silver ring features a beautiful white gray mother of pearl cabochon with bead detail and edge work. With a solid ring shank, this ring sits at a size 5.75


Dainty Moonstone Ring - $59

A dainty rainbow moonstone ring with beaded wire and split ring shank. Size 4.5

Hubei Turquoise Split Shank Ring - $73

A simple but classic design, this sterling silver ring features Hubei turquoise with a split ring shank. Size 6